Tuesday, June 26, 2007

This Immigration Bill Stinks!

I watch too much news! I watch many different cable news channels and I want to e-mail all of them and give them a piece of my mind and wisdom. I wish people would use good common sense! I don't know how they get so off the track. At least it seems to me they are off the track.

This immigration bill stinks! I usually support President Bush, but I haven't been able to get behind him on this bill. I was really against building the wall. It would need to be 3000 miles long, for Heaven's Sake!

But, after this bill came out, I decided I would like them to just finish what they already started and build a wall. Just start the wall in the worst places and move from there.

The immigration bill I like is Bill O'Reilly's. Just go to Fox News and Bill's site, and you can read it. It's only one page long, not 800 pages long!