Tuesday, June 19, 2007

"Father's Day"

All the kids visited or called their Dad on his special day. Lisa had us over for dinner which was very delicious. She fixed salmon, shrimp scampi, rice pilaf, and I brought over fresh asparagus.

JJ and Leah amaze me! Their favorite meat is salmon. And both of them scarff it up! They didn't eat anything else on their plates, but the salmon was gone!

She made German Chocolate brownies for dessert. That I'm sure were delicious. I wouldn't know. I didn't eat any. Darn it! I wish I could.so far I am being very good!

Lisa was very sweet to try and prepare a meal that wouldn't cause me any food problems. She did great, and we had a very nice time at her home.

That evening, Chris, David, and Lydia came to visit. It was very enjoyable also. Nice day. Nice evening.

The other kids came to visit on Saturday. So we had three nice days with the kids.