Monday, June 25, 2007

Lets Go Fly A Kite!

These picture are of my niece's husband Jimmy and their son Severin, flying kites in the Seattle area where they live. I have pictures of us flying our kites on the "The Boys Kites" and "Katie's Kite" blogs.

Saturday morning as we were driving around Rexburg and learning more about it, Mike (son Mike) noticed some girls flying kites, actually they weren't having any luck when we saw them, I hope they got their kites in the air after we passed them.

We stopped at WalMart and bought all the kids kites, and headed home to build them.

What a ball we had! We never could get Nick's in the air. His was a jet plane, and you would think it would have been designed to fly, but after an hour of frustration, Mike told Nick he would buy him another one on Monday and they would try again.

Mike hung Nick's kite in his room, right over his bed. And it looks really cool!

In the meantime Ben and Katie got theirs in the air and I asked Katie to let Nick have some turns flying her kite. It wouldn't be fair for him to watch the others and not be able to participate.

He had a great time after that, until he asked what would happen if he let go the string. I told him that the wind would take it up and it would be gone forever.

Well, the unthinkable happened and the wind caught the handle just right and swish! It was gone! He cried and screamed and I couldn't console him. Katie and I were trying to tell him it was alright, but to no avail.

Nick's dad, Mike didn't understand why he was crying and yelled at him to stop. He thought the two kids were fighting over the kite.

Katie and I were able to convince him at that point that it hadn't blown away too far and was just in the trees at the neighbor's house. Andrew was getting it out, and within a half hour or so, the two were up and running again.

We really did have fun flying kites! It was a very successful afternoon activity, even though Mike was thinking it was a disaster because he couldn't get Nick's kite in the air more than a few seconds and it crashed again.

I think he'll be buying Nick a new one today, and all well be well with Nick again.