Thursday, June 07, 2007

Our Memorial Day

Sunday at 2:30 we met Mike's sister's Kathie and Eleanor at Brian and Steve's grave site, less than a mile from us. After a while I mentioned to them that my grandparents were right across the street.

They wandered over with me to Grandma and Grandpa Code's resting place. I felt bad that we didn't have flowers to put in there. I'm the only one in the family left in this area that could do that. My cousin Dale lives in Ogden, but spends most of his time at his cabin near Mirror Lake.

Kathie just happened to have an extra pot of flowers, and we put them there.

We paid special attention to the gold cross next to the headstone that is a military honor stating that Grandpa Code served in both the Army and Navy, and served in the Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines. He is buried in the area reserved for our military.

As we turned to walk back across the road I noticed someone who looked like Tom Lightfoot, our friend and previous Stake President. I said to Mike, "that looks like President Lightfoot."

Just as Mike turned to look, Tom turned his head and Mike couldn't tell for sure, but almost instantly, we could tell that it was indeed Tom.

We noticed that a woman was in the car with him, and also remembered that his wife of 40+ years had passed away last year. We also noticed immediately that our friend and neighbor Marlene Vigh getting out of the car.

Long story shorter: they are engaged to be married two weeks from now. They had an invitation for us, but no address.

It will be fun attending the reception, and seeing them and all our other friends. We're very happy for them. They looked especially happy.

Afterward, Kathie and Ellie came to see our condo, and we had nice visit. They left to go to Logan to visit graves of grandparents, and we met them at the Hyrum cemetery, as well as all our children. Lisa, JJ, and Leah, drove up with us.

Chris and David are second cousins, once removed. David's mother who is Ellie, Kathie, and Mike's first cousin was there, along with her two daughters, and a few grandchildren.

David's mother was Ellie's favorite cousin. The two hugged and talked about old times. Problem is: they both have Alzheimer's disease and can only talk about told times because both have a problem with short term memory.

It was kind of funny, yet sad, that David's mom who has had a memory problem for a long time, asked Ellie about her family.

She would have known if her memory was working correctly that Ellie never married and had children. We did tell her that Ellie got married just last February though, and she seemed excited.
Lisa was holding Lydia, and David's mom mentioned how cute she was and asked if she was Lisa's daughter.

Lisa knows the situation and said, "no, she's your granddaughter Lydia." Her response was,"Oh, I won't forget that name, that's my grandmother's name."

But, of course, she will forget again. She's been told that many times.

Lydia is named for that grandmother. She is the one that connects David and Chris.

Afterward, we went over to the Hyrum Park which we do every Memorial Day, and had dinner.

Usually, the older family members, Ray and Colleen, Ellie, Kathie, and I bring the food.

Along with potluck side dishes from all the children.

This year, Ray and Colleen are on an LDS Mission, serving in Nauvoo.

Mike and I are going there this September and will be able to visit with them.

None of Ray's children came this year. Ellie, of course couldn't bring anything.

Kathie brought food, but the main dinner was prepared by our children. It was a real treat! Amy brought sloppy- Joe's, and green salad which was grown in her garden, including the lettuce.

Lisa brought Rice Krispy treats, and a salad. Sherri brought baked beans and a pasta salad. We brought a green salad, chips, and Oreo cookies. Chris brought watermelon, cantaloupe, and a vegetable tray. Kathie brought, I was told, good brownies. She had other food items too.

I didn't cheat on one thing. I have been sick ever since I came home from Hawaii, and before we went as well. I am just starting to feel normal again, and will absolutely not take any chances by eating foods that are poison to my body.

Monday afternoon we went to Bountiful to visit my mother and sister Jeri's graves. It is so hard on me to visit graves. Memorial Day traumatizes me! I love everyone, but it's hard bringing back hurt feelings, and missing them so much!

Mike and I had dinner at Chuck-A-Rama in Bountiful afterward. Again, I only ate good food, and felt well.