Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday Is A Busy Day!

This day is a full and fun day. My great-niece, Heather's little girl Sarandon is having her fourth birthday party today.

I haven't bought her present today, and only have an hour to get ready, get a gift, and get over there.

Heather has something very special planned for the party. Her invitation was so cute. The party's called, "Under The Sea" and the kids will be visited by a very special Mermaid. I bet you know her name. Ariel will be there to the fun surprise of all the children.

My daughter Cari is displaying her crafts at a craft fair all day at the Ogden Fairgrounds. She's made lots of things to sell, and I hope she had really great success!

We will get there sometime today. I know it will be after the party, but we are also buying a car today, so I don't know whether it will be before or after we go to Salt Lake City to pick up the car. We don't have to car shop, it's already picked out.