Tuesday, June 26, 2007

People Moving On.

We moved to Arizona and now our good friends George and Nancy who lived by us in Clinton, and in Apache Junction have just sold their home in Clinton. They plan to live in Arizona year-round.

We will miss them during the months we are in Utah, but we are excited for them. They plan to sell their 400 sq. ft. park model and build a nice home. There are so many beautiful homes in Arizona and they hope to build in the same development as our other friends Tony and (Charlie) Charlene. We all have a good time together in Arizona, and did have a great time in Clinton.

We've only seen Charlie once since we've been back. We were driving to their home when we saw her a block away, headed for Walmart. We talked for a while, and haven't had a chance to visit her or Tony for real.

We've seen George and Nancy a few times, one being today, when they came to see our condo in Ogden. We had a very nice visit, and I will truly miss not being around them in both states!