Wednesday, June 06, 2007

JJ - Tonsils Out

Our little 7 year old grandson JJ just had an operation to remove his tonsils. He came through it much better than his mother did, when she had her tonsils out last year. She was miserable!

He did try to eat some fresh pineapple that the rest of us were eating. That was a mistake! Lisa told him not to eat it, but left it up to him. He was a little miserable for a while.

He and I played one of his computer games. We had lots of fun doing it. Mike asked me if I wanted him to come back and get me, because I wouldn't quit.

Something cute JJ said a few years ago is,"I'm glad Aunt Jeri lives in our world." He was trying to say that he was happy that Jeri lived close to them. They live in North Ogden and the rest of the family live 15 to 30 minutes away.