Friday, June 29, 2007

No One Tell Sharon I Used Her Car As A Truck!

Oh, my, pppplease don't tell Sharon and Dale that Mike and I used our new car as a truck!!!

We went to our neighbor's home last evening, and put the bench that previously sat in front of our home into the back seat, and also put a moving dolly in the trunk. We left these items at our neighbor's because we couldn't fit anymore in the Budget truck when we moved last fall.

Then to add insult to injury we went to George and Nancy's and loaded the whole car with lots of stuff they were giving to the Rescue Mission.

It's okay! We were prepared for this move and brought with us blankets to make sure the bench wouldn't scratch anything on the car. So there was no injury to the car what-so-ever!

Actually, Mike and I would have been the ones upset if we had done even the tiniest little bit if damage! Not anyone else.