Monday, June 25, 2007

Andrew, Ben and Nick's Kites

Ben and his kite

Andrew didn't want a kite, although Mike bought lots of them, so he could have flown one. But, he spent the entire time running from kite to kite when one came to the ground to get it back into the air again. I was really impressed how he was taking care of his younger siblings.

At first the wind was so strong that we had a hard time keeping the kites in the air, and Katie's would hit the ground and she would yell, "Andrew" and he would run over and get it back into the air again. It wasn't but a minute and you would hear, "Andrew" again. He ran back and forth between Katie and Ben's kites and never complained. This went on for most of the day.

Of course, their kites stayed in the air longer after the first half hour, but that was Andrew's job the whole day, either getting the kites in the air, or getting them out of the tall Poplar trees that divide their yard from the neighbor's yard.

And, then there was the time that Katie's kite flew away into the same neighbor's home and Andrew spent at least 20 minutes getting it out of the tree.

Sunday morning found Katie right back out there flying her kite again. This time without any help. Ben joined her but he didn't feel well enough to stay out there he had a tummy ache, and later so did I.

We intended to go to church with them, but I was feeling too ill. Mike and I left to come home when they left for church. We had a wonderful visit and plan to return the third week in August for a family reunion.

Nick's kite now hangs in his room.