Monday, June 18, 2007

"Our New Car"

Sharon and Dale bought a brand new, beautiful Chrysler in 2000. Dale buys very nice cars and takes wonderful care of them and sells them when they reach 60,000 miles. He makes sure he gets a good deal when he buys them, and gives the next owner a good deal when they buy it.

He's such a nice guy that after the deal is done, he even gives the new owner $500 and tells them that this money is to help in case anything goes wrong in the next few months. That's beyond the call and duty.

This particular car was Sharon's favorite car I think they've ever owned! She wouldn't let it go, and he kept it a little longer than he usually does.

Last year she called and told me they were selling the car and knew I was interested in buying it. They sold it to their son Chris instead who wanted it and of course was in line first to get it.

Sharon called Friday to let us know that Chris was selling it and wanted to know if we were still interested. I told her yes, and that I would talk to Mike about it. The decision only took us a minute to make. We knew immediately that we wanted that car.

We called her right back and when Chris knew a family member was going to buy the car he dropped the price another $500. The car was listed originally for about $30,000. I don't know what Dale paid for it. He makes sure it gets good deals.

He sold six years later it to Chris for $7,500. I thought that was a steal. Dale said that it had depreciated, but also gave his son a good deal. A year later Chris is giving us a good deal by selling it to us for $5000.

Our Prism is a 1999 and has 131,000 miles, and doesn't compare with this car in quality. The Chrysler is only a year newer but only has 86,000 miles and has been beautifully taken care of. Mike looked under the hood and it looks like it just came of the show-room floor!

The car is loaded! It has seat warmers, and when you use your own key-less entry, it moves the seat and radio stations to your settings!

We are pickings it up today, and we are so excited it's a wonder we could sleep!