Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Remodeling Our Home And Yard

Mike and I have been busy since started remodeling our home. We arrived here early November and painted the house the very day we moved in.

We hired two young men to paint while we moved furniture into the shed and Arizona room.

The only things I brought into the home were things that could be put directly away in closets, drawers, and rooms we weren't painting that day. Like the kitchen, pantry and mudroom. We don't plan to paint the mudroom. We intended to paint on the kitchen and bathrooms ourselves. We didn't want any paint dropped on the floor or cabinets. We finished the painting during the next three days.

We moved in on Saturday and new carpet was installed the following Tuesday. Three of our friends and brother came and moved the furniture in from the Arizona room.

Now, after four months it is finally warm enough to work on the outside of our home. We have been busy planting new plants, and are getting ready this week to paint the outside of the home.

Whew! It's a lot of work. But very rewarding!