Friday, March 16, 2007

Fake Windows

This is the before and after pictures.

The second blind only took 30 minutes. I was probably right that the first one took 45. We are getting to be pros at this.

Next, Mike has to drill holes and go out our do some measuring to see exactly where to put the windows. I can't believe it. We're almost there!

For those who don't know what we're doing - we are putting fake windows on the side of our home.

Large modular homes go onto the lot sideways, so the end of the home faces the road. Everyone in our park, except us have windows on the side of the home that faces the road.

The home was plain and I thought very unsightly. I almost didn't buy it because of that.

But the price was good for the sq footage, and I quickly realized that we could do something to dress up that side.

I have been talking about fake windows since last September. Most people look at me like I'm crazy. Others ask why not real windows. Why? First of all it would cost a small fortune to put in two large windows, and secondly: that part of the home is our master bed room and master bath. We already have windows in both rooms on the other sides, and we don't want more windows in those rooms.

Actually, I would love it, but Mike really doesn't want more windows, and neither of us want the extra expense.

All the windows on our street are covered with sunscreens (these are special screens that hold out the sun.) and you can't see into the windows. You can't even tell if there are windows there at all. If you look closely, you can see the blinds behind the sunscreens, but I mean you really have to look.

Basically, we are nailing mini blinds to the house, covering them with sunscreens we made ourselves, then there are boards that surround the screens, with shutters at the side.
There will be a sunburst at the top of each window, that will really dress it up.

Tomorrow will be the day to see if I am crazy or just plain genius!