Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Soon Returning To Utah

We only have a few weeks left here to enjoy our Arizona Home. Of course we'll be back and forth, and then here again in the fall for six months.

We've worked hard to get the home ready before we leave. And, we need to get things done this week because Chris and her husband and baby are coming on Saturday, and Kenny is coming on Monday. We want to spend quality time with them and not have to worry about the house.

We're not done with the painting yet, but it should be done within an hour's work. Which is what I need to get to.

I'm going around and doing the touch-up that got missed, and doing some clean-up work. I should have been out there before now, because I've been blogging all day, and it's probably in the high 80's by now.

I also need lunch before I get started. I think I will quit writing and get started!