Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Suddenly, I know many people who are suffering from sleep apnea and didn't know it.

A person can die from this problem. Basically, they do stop breathing for several seconds!

I've wondered if my own husband Mike is one of these people.

Our former daughter-in-law Ardis, who we still consider our daughter, is the one who brought this to our attention.

She found out that she and her husband have it. They both sleep in quite a contraption that looks extremely uncomfortable to me, but she claims it's worth it because she's never had such a good nights sleep.

And, the risks are just not worth not doing what's best for you.

Sleep apnea is very dangerous. People fall asleep in their cars. (Ardis did) There is a risk of not waking up at all.

It causes depression, and they are just not working on all 8 cylinders during the day.

Another advantage about getting help for sleep apnea is that you can actually lose weight! I was amazed when Ardis told me that. She is quite over-weight and has been since I met her at age 21. She especially carries weight around her neck.

Prior to going to the doctor she was falling asleep during the daytime, in the most precarious places.

She had gotten out of her car, picked up her groceries, and immediately fell to the ground asleep.

This was happening to her in different situations, way too often, and when she explained to the doctor the circumstances he noticed her neck, and told her she was suffering from sleep apnea.

And so the program for help got started.

Oh, I was talking about losing weight! After she started using her sleeping gear she began losing weight. Last I talked to her she had lost 90 pounds! I'm sure she has lost more now, that was a while ago.

I don't know which device she uses.

My brother-in-law Dale uses a sleep apnea device, and I don't know which one he uses either.

Ardis was worried about my husband Mike as I said earlier.

She made him promise that he would be checked out. He promised!

And in fact, she made him promise twice. He did. But he has no memory of it now.

I would insist that he get checked out, but actually he is doing better. I will keep a close watch on him though.