Thursday, March 08, 2007

We're Exhausted!

We have been painting all day long and haven't even begun to begin. We started with washing the dirt off, then sanding, then primed the bare spots.

We had quite a bit of priming to do because the trim around the top on one side of the home, is metal. It was painted pink, and we changed it to coral. Next we painted the white that is under the eves.

We finished the South side of the house, which is the front of the home, and the largest side. And, we got it completed on the east side of the house, which is the part of the home that faces the street.

All the trim is done on the east side. Well, that's as far as we got. We might go out and do more tonight, but I don't know, we're very tired. The trim was the hardest part. Tomorrow we will roll the paint on the major part of the home, hopefully, getting both the south and east done.

We're not going to paint the west and north for a week.

We really want to get our fake windows done tomorrow or Saturday.

Pam and Joan will be here Monday, and we want at least these two sides done.