Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Cubs and Rockies

Mike and I are going to a spring-training Cub/Rockies game today. We have worked so hard on our home remodeling it will be fun to get away and do something fun.

I was worried yesterday about the weather because it was a toasty 80+ degrees. I was on the south side of the house painting and it wasn't too bad because there was a slight cool breeze.

Later that afternoon it really cooled off because the breeze turned into a strong breeze. By evening it was very windy and the result: today the weather is a very comfortable 70 high.

We will be sitting in the nose bleed section, but you can see well from all levels. I'm taking the sunscreen and a visor. I hope the top of my head doesn't burn. I hate that!

My niece Robyn lives in Chicago and I instant emailed her and told her we were going to a cub game - here not there. It would be fun to see a Cub game in Chicago, but I'm in Arizona and it will still be fun.