Thursday, March 29, 2007

About Christine and Kenny

Christine is our oldest daughter. She is called Chris most of the time, and was Chrissy during her early years.

She will be here to visit on Saturday. She and David, and baby Lydia, will be here at the same time Kenny is. Kenny will take a few days to drive to St. George to visit his dad though, so they will only be together a few days.

I mentioned in an earlier blog that Kenny is smart. Well, so is Chris.

Both as a matter of fact are genius in certain areas. Both of them have genius in the art of music.

Their talents are different though. Kenny's talent in music is in his head. He plays by ear. And he composes his own music. He should have had the advantage of music lessens since his Grandmother Code was also a musical genius, but it's sort of like the tailors kids not having shoes, Kenny got some lessens from the best, but not enough to really teach him to read music.

Playing by ear can also be a disadvantage! Why would you work to learn theory when it's all ready in your head? Because music is math! That's why. It's a science. And you can't make it up. You can make up your own music as long as you follow the science.

Chris is very accomplished in the science and math of music. She also composes her own music, and has perfect pitch like Kenny's Grandmother Code had.

That last sentence was probably confusing to any reader who doesn't know these people. Kenny is my oldest child, and Chris is Mike's oldest child.

We claim them as our own, and don't like to differentiate that they are step brother and sister.

Did I mention Chris was smart? She is also smart at English, Math, well, I guess all academics in general. The impressive thing about Chris is that she excels at academics, the arts, and sports, of all things! Most people have talents in one area or another. She is quite remarkable!

And most important of all - is that she is way beyond most of us at spiritual things. She loves her Heavenly Father, and is doing everything in her power to be able to be worthy enough to live with him again.

We are so proud of our children, and love them so very much.