Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Chandler Mall

Pam, Joan, and I spent the day driving out to Chandler to see the mall and other things. I have been all over the valley for the past 28 years, but have never been to Chandler. Pam was there last year visiting family and loved it.

We decided last September when we bought this home that she and Joan would come here to visit me, and we would go out to the mall and visit the area. We had a good time driving around somewhat lost, but mostly not.

We had lunch at a wonderful Mexican restaurant at the mall. It was pricey for a mall lunch, but was only $10 and was a wonderful meal. We strolled though the mall and bought a few lotions and trinkets at Bath and Body Works.

We stopped at several Lowe's and Home Depots, looking for sun screens for our windows. We finally found what we were looking for at Home Depot in Queen Creek.

We're pretty tired. Pam and Joan are in my Arizona screened room reading, and I'm writing on my blog.

This looks like a paid blog for Bath and Body Works, but this is not a paid blog.