Friday, March 23, 2007

Preventing Skin Infections!

Nothing I like better to blog about than my family, and how to keep them safe.

Some months ago my granddaugher Kelsie had a problem with her hands. They were red, chapped, and sore.

I asked my daughter Kim why Kelsie's hands were red and sore and she answered that the schools were taking extra steps in teaching the kids about keeping their hands clean.

They were encouraging the students to wash their hands often, and they were trying out new antibacterial soaps in the schools.

I like all these ideas! So, wherein lies the problem? She was overdoing it!!! She was washing so often that she was scrubbing her skin off!

I really do like the suggestions offered on the web in keeping us safe from germs. As if you can ever really do that completely. But, we need a fighting chance at it anyway.

My niece Robyn was sent samples of their products and loves them! She recommended that I buy some of the products at Walgreen's just around the corner of us. She guaranteed that I would love them!