Friday, March 16, 2007

It's Hot!

We had the coldest winter in twenty years. We just barely finished using the furnace and now it's hot!

It was funny yesterday when I was watching the news being reported in New York City, and the reporter was bundled up like she was going skiing. I actually thought to myself, "Why is she dressed like that?" It is so warm here that I tend to think it's this way everywhere.

I always say that Utah is either hot or cold, now I'm thinking the same thing of Arizona. Except we had many perfect days between October and December this last fall and winter, and it has been very nice through February and March.

We are using the air conditioner because the temperature is in the 90's already. It's above normal, and the 70's and 80's were short lived. It will drop back into those temps soon I think.

It is very nice here though. If you don't like the weather one day, just wait a day or two and it's nice again. That doesn't go for the summer of course, when it stays above 105 degrees for 3 to 4 months.