Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pam and Joan

We had a wonderful time with Pam and Joan here. We didn't have to do anything to have fun.

Just sitting around talking was fine with us, however, we were very busy. One day we went to the Chandler mall. We didn't buy much but had a great lunch!

I want to take Mike there sometime on a date.

We went to the Arizona Opry. They enjoyed that.

Afterwards, we came home and Mike got out his trombone and played for them. We put on the Opry cd and listened to George Starkel. He is amazing!

Mike and I danced to Glenn Miller's "In The Mood." Joan and Pam thought that was great, even though we can't dance worth a darn.

We went down to the Mesa Temple and drove around and saw the grounds. We drove down town and saw the statues on the corners that we love.

One day we went to the Canyon Lake. There is a museum at Tortilla Flats and we bought a few souvenirs.

All in all the week went much too fast. We will get together when we get to Utah in April.