Friday, July 20, 2007

Inside Our Arizona Home- Before

This is how our home looked when we bought It. Doris, the previous owner was packing up her stuff when we took these pictures. It wouldn't normally look this messy.

The carpet was in very good condition, but I just couldn't live with the color. I was experiencing recycle pains the day we replaced it. I kept asking the carpet layer what they did with old carpet. He said some of it is recycled, but most of it goes into the ground. I couldn't stand the thought of this carpet not being reused, and I really can't stand to think of our underground world full of carpet!

He appeased me by telling me that he was able to give it to someone who loved it. I wasn't sure if he was telling me the truth or not. I was afraid that he was just trying to make me feel better, but five months later I found out that it was true.

We had been waving at the neighbors across the street as we and they came and went, but we had never had an opportunity to really get to know them. Or rather, never made the opportunity. This happened at the time we were painting the home. They came over to tell us how they loved what we were doing to our home.

They mentioned something about the beautiful burgundy carpet, and I told the story of how I hated having it be put in the ground, and wished someone come have it that needed and wanted it. They told me that one of their family members were given the carpet by my carpet layer. He was telling me the truth! I was so happy! I thought he was telling the truth, I just couldn't imagine that I had asked if he could give it away, and he did within minutes of me asking. But, it's not that hard to believe when it was given to a needy family member who was related to someone right across the street.