Friday, July 20, 2007

Arizona Clubhouse

Arizona Clubhouse

Tennis Courts

I only played tennis once last year, and that was with Kenny. We had a lot of fun!

Shuffle-board. I didn't play it, but I watched some girls so I could figure out what they were doing. Actually, I did play it after that. I forgot. I played it with Andrew, Ben, Katie, and Nick, when they were in Arizona.

It's harder than it looks, because you sprinkle sand so the puck (probably wrong name, but at least you know what I mean) will slide. If you get too much it will go too far, and if you don't get enough it won't go far enough.

Mike and I and all our company spent many hours here at the pool. We are leaving to go back to our Arizona home, one week from today.

Crazy, I know! It's 112 or so there right now, and we are pretty miserable in the 100 degree heat here! But we want to check on our home and plants.

We will enjoy the pool at night, because the air will be warm at night (which I love) but not too hot. I hate swimming at night, because I freeze. I won't freeze next week.
We had a fun winter in Arizona playing pool