Friday, July 20, 2007


We were trying to get Bella in the picture and should have gotten Kelsie, Kim and myself. Kelsie is in pink, and Kim in white.

This cute little puppy is Bella, Kim's new puppy.

She's adorable! White and fluffy, sounds like I'm talking about a bunny right?

Well, Kim has a white fluffy bunny named Sugar too. Kelsie has a black and white (very soft) bunny, named Katie.

These picture were taken on Memorial Day, so she was much smaller at birth. She's several months old now.

Bella is a tiny long-haired, pure breed, Deer chihuahua. I think they paid about $700. She's so tiny and sweet, you can't help but just kiss her. My mother used to have a tiny fit when she saw me kiss my animals. If you love them, you can't help but kiss them.

The family already has a larger female dog, named Sparkle. She isn't really very happy with the new arrival. The three cats, Tiger, Cinnamon and Daisy aren't very happy either.

It will be fun watching Bella grow.