Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Going To Arizona

These pictures are in the Superstition Mountains just east of our home in Apache Junction, Arizona.

Grandpa Linton's picture "Apache Trail"

The Lake is only 1o minutes away. And my grandfather painted a picture of the these very mountains, and the picture hangs in my Arizona room at our home.

We plan to make a trip back to our Arizona home in a week. We want to see how our home and yard have faired ( I should say fried) since we've been gone.

My brother John thinks we're nuts because we are going back to Arizona to suffer in the 110+ heat!
I called our neighbors Marlene and Tom last month to see how the yard was doing and they said that our yard is doing great! I was worried about our new little palm tree, and they said ours is doing better than their palm tree is doing.
We can't wait to see what the yard looks like. We worked hard planting lots of new bushes, and plants, and we want to see what they look like.
This is the cactus that is on the border of our yard and Maureen's yard. It is really hers.

I asked about our Ficus tree that got caught in the freeze last winter. They think it's dead. It had new leaves coming when we were there, and we were hoping for the best. Maureen didn't think it looked like the tree made it.
The leaves were at the top of the trunk and headed down. That's not a good sign. Maybe when we get back we will have a new bush, instead of a tree. That will be okay. It's all good!