Sunday, July 22, 2007

Another Plug And Warranty

Mike found another plug and warranty to buy. It's not hard, there are so many to choose from. This one? Another TV. Do we need another TV? No!!! But, I have to admit he found a good deal. It's a new 32" LCD like the one we bought to take to Arizona. That one was a good deal at $1100, and this one is $499. You have to admit, that's a good deal. Steve Brown offered us $75 - $100 on our older but still good 32"er, so that would bring the price down to $399 or something.

You should have seen our Clinton home. It looked like a sports bar! We had five TV's. Let me remind you, there are only two of us! You could stand in the hallway and look straight on to the large TV in the family room. Look a bit to the left and see one in the kitchen. Look behind you and see one each TV in three bedrooms.

Hey, we didn't watch all of them at the same time! We just like convenience, that's all.
At the time we were buying two homes we figured that splitting up five TV, for two homes was just about right. Now, we're buying a new one.

Happy Father's Day Mike! I do always remind him that when it comes to my presents - don't buy me anything that has a plug and a warranty. After all, anything you could buy for a women that has a plug and warranty attached to it - probably means work! Something that glitters is nice though.