Thursday, July 26, 2007

Steve Sherri and Family

I high-jacked the funny-faced picture from Sherri's blog. I'm prejudiced I guess. I think they're cute even when they pull funny faces.

This picture is Anna and Gwinney. They are trying to made a bird feeder, (looks more like a river) in their mother's garden. She wasn't that happy about having her garden reconstructed, and later found the girls hiding in the back of the van in the garage, watching the birds from a home-made bird feeder they made out of a plastic milk container, or something like that. Pretty smart grandkids wouldn't you say?

Anna is in the Green dress in the lower picture. Don't I have beautiful grandchildren? Next, is Anna, Gwinney, and Elyce, taking a breather from the heat. It's been around 100 degrees in Utah this week. Next two are Anna and Gwyn. One year old Elyse is in pink. And last is Anna and Emily, who are best friends! Emily is Amy's oldest daughter.