Monday, July 09, 2007

John Barrett Linton

These are just a few of my Grandfather, John Barrett Linton's paintings.

I wouldn't have these shots if it weren't for Robyn. She's wonderful! She's very interested in Grandpa's paintings and takes pictures of them when she finds them.

We will never find all of them, because he painted pictures for all his neighbors and friends, and for his huge family.

I have more than fifty cousins on my mother's side! And some of the cousins have moved out of state, and we I haven't seen my cousin Terry for possibly 50 years, and she has three siblings that I have never seen. I know they have a few of Grandpa's paintings in her family too.

I have at least four pictures that Robyn doesn't have. I better get busy and get them on here, so she can copy and move them to her blog. One of my favorites, is the snow covered mountains at the bottom.

The one at the very bottom: Apache Trail is my picture. I inherited it from my mother. It hangs in my Arizona room, in Apache Junction, Arizona. which is only a few miles from the lake and mountains that he painted.

He painted it from a picture. He has never been to Arizona, unless he's doing some extra-terrestrial traveling.

Wouldn't surprise me! Before my mother died, she said she and Joe (my sister Jeri's husband who passed away in 1969, and who she adored,) was going on a world tour when she got up there. I'll bet they did too!

My pictures are at bottom. They are the painting that Grandpa Linton personally gave to me. One is almost 100 years old. He painted it in 1915.