Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Fourth Of July Celebration

Our 4th of July celebration will be at Kim's house. It is Clint's birthday, and he likes to have a barbecue and he plays in a band that he sets up at his house.

I think it will be fun to be with the family, and Clint's brother and family are here from Priest River Idaho, and it will be fun to be with all of them as well.

Lisa has invited us to have an early breakfast at the park and then watch the parade, and we will probably watch fireworks in the evening.

The state officials have asked that no fireworks be done except at professional places, because of worry of wild fires. Our state, Utah, is the second driest state in the nation, and right now we are very dry. Our water numbers are dangerously low!

I doubt that it will make any difference in asking people not to do fireworks though. Because they pretty much do exactly what they want to do. It's pretty sad. I wish people would think about other people and their surroundings before they think of themselves. But, I understand because I like fireworks too.

We can celebrate the 4th, and have a wonderful holiday without fireworks.

p.s It's 10:14 PM on the 3rd and they are doing fireworks in back of my house right now. Of course, they will do them tomorrow night!