Saturday, July 21, 2007

My Poor Nose!

This is my poor nose. Another cancer was removed two weeks ago. I hope this is the end, but that would be hopeful thinking. This is the sixth one in two years.

My doctor says that all of us have cancer cells that were formed as children, playing in the great outdoors without sunscreen. I have no problem believing that, but can't help but wonder if mine was caused from skiing for twenty years in Northern Utah.

When I suggested this idea to Dr. Maughan, he agreed, and said," you would have gotten it both ways, going up and skiing down. The sun would have reflected off the snow and caused even more damage.

At least you can't see the other scars on my nose that have healed. I used a remarkable new medication called Mederma.

This isn't a paid post, I just want to pass the information on to you, that if you have a injury on your skin that could scar, this is the best anti-scar ointment I've ever seen. You buy it over the counter, in the health section.

My beautiful back drop is in Ogden Utah, on the Ogden River walking trail. This is just above Monroe Blvd., at the botanical gardens, a few blocks from our condo.