Monday, July 09, 2007

"Katie" The Bunny


"Katie" is Kelsie's bunny and Kim has a bunny named "Sugar." We were playing with Sugar the same day when these pictures were taken. I don't know where Sugar is though. The bunnies were so tiny when I first saw them, but they grow so fast! They are pretty big now. Still very soft though.

You can see Leah and JJ with carrots in their hands. We had a lot of fun feeding Katie carrots. She was really going to town on carrots until she started getting a little full.

Katie wanted to stop eating but leah insisted that she was still going to eat more carrots, not because Katie was still hungry, but because Leah was having to much fun to stop. I tried to tell her that we don't make her eat when she doesn't want to, but no amount of rationalizing worked. I just told her to quit, and we put the carrots away. She threw a small fit, and then finally gave in.