Monday, July 09, 2007

Family Get-To-Gethers

We are lucky to have 19 grandchildren. and 13 of them are under 10. It is so fun to have so many cute little kids around us. We feel very, very, blessed!

We get together often, and our daughters have sleep-over's quite often so that our grandchildren get together with their cousins all the time.

They love it! Just last week J J slept at Aunt Kim's house to be with Kim's nephew Malachi, who was visiting from Idaho.

Kim overheard JJ say to Malachi that it was too bad that he couldn't sleep over a second night. But before he could ask his mother's permission to do so, she told him he had been invited to sleep at Quincy's that night.

J J was instantly happy again.

Quincy is the one in the center of the second picture. J J is in red in the third picture. Ben is in the blue and just moved to Rexburg Idaho, he will be missed, especially by Quincy. Those two were good friends!

Anna is in the pink with the cute pose. And Anna, Leah and Quincy are in the bottom picture.