Saturday, July 21, 2007

Strong Fingernails

My health is improving and for the first time in my life I have strong fingernails. I always knew my nails split and didn't grow because I had poor health. My mother had the same problem and I have the same health problems she had.

If you don't have strong nails, it isn't because you need to buy all those lotions, creams, and stuff they sell to make them stronger. It is because something in your body isn't working right!
I can't tell you exactly what made my nails stronger, except to say that I am really trying to avoid wheat, milk, soy, and all the other foods that my body can't tolerate. I am also taking lots of supplements to help my body digest food.

It could be the enzymes, or the magnesium, or the vitamin B. Those are a few of the new supplements I'm taking.

Whatever did it, I'm happy about it. Not just happy to have nicer nails, but happy to know that my body is more healthy.