Friday, July 20, 2007

Some Days Are Good. Some Days Are Bad!

Today was both!

Mike and I woke to find water dripping from our ceiling in the hallway. We had one hour to get me to Dr. Zone, at U of U Hospital in Salt Lake City, and we didn't have time to worry about the water, but of course we had too!

He placed pans to catch the drips, and called to get the maintenance man who works for our complex to come and see what the problem is. Of course that would be this afternoon, so we might as well go to the doctor and do the other things that we had planned for the day.

At 7:30 AM, he ran over to Lisa's house and got the vegetable tray he bought for me to take to Joan's birthday party at 11:00 this day. We bought it yesterday, left it in Lisa's fridge.

On top of all this, Mike has been dizzy for three days now. He needed to get to the doctor this afternoon, after taking me to the doctor, and dropping me off at Joan's. It was a pretty stress- full day!

I love Dr. Zone!!! He's not sure what my problem is. We know I'm allergic to foods, but finding out what the disease is specifically is difficult.

I was tested a few years ago for celiac sprue, but even though I have all the symptoms of having it, the blood test, and biopsy on my bowel, came out negative to that disease.

I saw Dr. Maughan last week for my skin cancer follow-up, and he suggested that I go to Dr. Zone and be tested for a similar problem to celiac called dermatitis herpertiformis.

Dr. Zone doesn't think that's what I have, but said there is another disease that fits the foods I'm allergic to. They did labs and a biopsy. The biopsy was on a spot on my arm where I had broken out.

I have to go back in two weeks to see if he's learned anything. He also took blood to see if I am allergic to the foods that I am eating. One thing that might show up is cashews. I do eat those, and I think I shouldn't be. But, we'll see.

He says, he's the bottom of the line. If he can't find it, no one can. That's both good and bad news. It means he's the best and should be able to help me. But, it will be bad news if he can't figure it out, there will no one to refer me to.

He noticed another skin cancer on my nose, which I noticed two days ago. I have to go back to Dr. Maughan and have this one removed. It's $12 every time this happens. We will be glad when our Tri Care Insurance kicks in next month. This visits and prescriptions will be almost free.

We arrived at Joan's an hour late, but luckily, they were still in the park eating lunch. There is a swimming pool in the neighborhood, with a park, and everyone on the hill use the pool and park. They can reserve the pool for special things, and we had the park all to ourselves. Much to the chagrin of several people who wanted to swim! That's frustrating, because they take their turns in reserving the pool, but get upset when others take their turns to do it.

That was the fun part of the day. Heather, Sarandon, Dantley, Pam, Joan, and I, ate lunch, swam, and talked. It really was fun, even though I couldn't really swim. Just as I was leaving the Dr's office, they told me I couldn't get the biopsy wet for 24 hours. Oh brother! Oh well, I got in and kept my arm on the side of the pool. I still had fun.

The maintenance man came and agreed with our thoughts that the water line had broken. He is only going to charge us $40.00 to fix it. The expensive part will be to fix the ceiling. The wallboard will have to changed. It is quite a job.

Then to make matters worse. Our lender called and said the underwriter has a problem with our loan. We are supposed to close in the next few days. I think I got the problem straightened out, but I'm not sure.

I'm exhausted! I'm hoping for a quieter and better day tomorrow.