Thursday, July 05, 2007

4th July - Clint's Birthday

We had a wonderful time yesterday at Kim and Clint's house in Brigham City, Utah, celebrating the 4th of July and Clint's birthday. Everyone brought salads and side dishes to share.

Kim and Clint provided the chicken, which was really good. And Kim made macaroni salad.

We had watermelon and of course, birthday cake for dessert.
It was very hot yesterday, about 100 degrees, and we sat outside in the shade where it was very comfortable and watched Clint, and his band members play song after song.

Al, Marty, Clint and Clint's brother Dee helped out on the drums. Trevor, Clint's brother is very good at the guitar, but they didn't need another guitar player. Their drummer Niel, couldn't be there.

The neighbors got wind that the band members were here and asked that they come outside. I guess they were originally going to have it inside.

There were probably 30 to 40 neighbors sitting in the shade of their home watching and enjoying the band. They were celebrating a birthday also.

At rest time, we had karaoke. Lisa and Mike sang, "I got you Babe." Kim and Lisa sang a few songs, and Mike and I sang, "Crazy, and I Fall to Pieces." It was fun.

I've counted 34 of all of us and probably forgot some people. The party was a great success. Kim and Sharalyn cleaned up, and when we left Kim was hot and sweaty taking out the garbage, and working too hard.

I felt badly that I hadn't helped her. I didn't know they were cleaning up.

Bottom two picture are me and Kim's new puppy "Bella." She is so cute!

The cutest pictures would be of her in action. She chases Sparkle, their other dog, who is a large full grown dog, and who doesn't appreciate Bella one bit. She barely tolerates her.

Bella loves to catch on to Sparkles tail or beard and be carried around.

I've asked Kim to get it on a movie, so we can upload it onto U-tube, and embed it on this blog.

I'll have to keep nagging her about that. I don't want to wait so long that Bella is grown.