Thursday, July 19, 2007

Kenny, Peggy and the dogs

This is me and my son Kenny who was at our Clinton home visiting for Christmas. I was dog sitting at the time and making money doing it.

Mike wanted a dog and I didn't want one of a permanent basis, and got the brain-storm that I could tend dogs, cats or other small animals at my convenience and have the pleasure of having animals in our home, and get paid at the same time.

It didn't work out as well as I hoped it would. The first dog I tended was a miniature Grayhound named Geo. He is in the two top pictures. The problem with him was he was a puppy and not very well trained.

He lived in California where the temperatures are mild, and his owner came to Utah in the dead of the cold winter to ski, and left Geo with me. He was one cold and confused dog!

I dressed him up in all the coats, boots and other garb she brought, and left him outside as long as I dared, brought him in, and he immediately did his business.

The cute gray dog is our daughter Chris' dog Bridget! She is a sweet, cute dog. The only problem with her is she was in heat, and we found little drops of blood that had to be cleaned up.

Lisa made a diaper for her, that didn't stay on too well, but seemed to work better than nothing.
I tended these dogs on several occasions and tended another cute dog that belongs to my sister
Sharon, named "Lizzie." She is a cute mini Schnauzer. I don't have a picture of Lizzie, but got this one off the internet that is close resemblance. Lizzie is lighter gray in color and is smaller, and much cuter!