Friday, July 20, 2007

Our Clinton Home

Mike and Peggy' s Clinton Home

We loved our patio home and hated to leave it. The only reason
we did was to help me increase my quality of life, health wise.

The winters in Utah are too cold for me, even though I look at
the weather reports during the cold season and Utah is actually very mild compared to most states. The normal high temperature during the day is 30's to 40's to 50's. Of course, there are extremes where it will drop down to 6 degrees, but that is not normal. Or the temperatures can rise to the 60's. Which is also not normal. I've see many eastern and mid-western states with temperatures 30to 60 degrees or more below zero. I can't even imagine!

The patio home was a single story home, with 4 skylights. We only had three sides of yard to the home. A small front, small back, and fairly nice size yard with a patio on the side. Hence, the name patio home. We did not use the other side of the home. That side was the neighbor's patio side. That's why we had skylights in the family room, there were no windows on that side of the house.