Friday, July 27, 2007

Back Home From Arizona

Our 10 day trip went by fast which is what all our days do.

The temperature in Phoenix when we arrived was a toasty 111 to 116 degrees depending where we were in the valley.

The temperature in our home was 105. It took several hours to cool it down.

We were invited to dinner with John and Sherri and the girls. Delicious and sweet of Sherri as usual. We we go back to Phoenix in October they are coming to eat at our house.

It was a good thing we made the trip. We had a water problem with the drip system and had lost two of our plants. Mike worked on that and even did a little landscaping by bringing some rocks from the empty lot across the street to make some sculptured hills in the yard. When we get there in the fall I want to plant more plants, trees, and place some huge rocks around the hills.

After a week we left and went to visit Dee Anna and her family in Las Vegas. Poor Dee Anna was sick with a 24 hour bug.

She shared it with me!

I was fine until 10 PM the evening we got home and after unpacking everything and cleaning things up, suddenly, I realized I was sick. It was true to her flu and only lasted 24 hours. Glad that's over with.

So we're back to our normal routine. What normal routine? Nothing seems normal anymore. Retired life is go, go, go, but in a different way than it used to be.