Friday, August 10, 2007

Why We're On This Earth

My dear friend Irene Barney sent this email to me.

It was written by her cousin Annie Veater. She thought it was too good to keep to herself, and shared it with me. I loved it and want it on my blog.

Why are we here?

Why were we born and why do we live in THIS day?

Because we were valiant in our pre-mortal life and were chosen by Heavenly Father to come to this world at this particular time to prepare a people to be ready for the second coming of the Savior.

What should we be doing now?

We should be preparing ourselves and our families and our neighbors for this great event!

We should be an active member of God's kingdom here on the earth, helping to build it up and prepare for that great day!

Living in this world of toil and strife it is so easy to forget our purpose and our mission. I know I do.

Let's all pray for a strength of purpose and try to keep these things in remembrance and to do them.