Friday, August 24, 2007

"Good Things Utah"

The cute lady standing is my friend Pam who is in about a million of my blogs. She and Joan are usually mentioned together. They are the ones who came to visit me in Arizona.

She is on the TV set, "Good Things Utah", a very good morning show I used to watch all the time, but got out of the habit when we moved to Arizona, and haven't gotten back into the habit since we moved back to Utah for the warmer months.

Pam's granddaughters are" Sydney in white at far left, and Mandy is at the far right. Pam has a great time with her grandkids. She is a wonderful grandmother! She's even a wonderful grandmother to my own grandchildren, who are her great-nieces!

I'm going to have to give you the four ladies names who are the hostess's for the show when I think of them. There names are playing tag in my brain trying not to get caught. But I know them and will think of them as soon as I publish this. That's the way it happens.

I added the banner of the show and their names are there but to fuzzy to read, so I'll give them to you. Nicea De Gering, Angie Larsen, Marti Skold, and Reagon Leadbetter. Marti is new since I watched it last.

The guy in the picture is Mike McKay. He's the morning host for the local ABC News.