Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Leah's Party At The Water Park

These pictures were actually taken at Gwinny's birthday party at a pool in Clearfield. Mike took his camera to Leah's party, but left it in the car. And we have no pictures.
It's water, and all the same people, so I figure, this is better than nothing.

We had a great time at Leah's birthday party! It was held at the North Ogden Water Park, called the North Shore. That made me wish I was really at the North Shore in Hawaii.

Lisa made sloppy joes and brought chips, drinks, and cake. She didn't want the rest of us to bring food. She just wanted it simple, and just finger foods. I brought my normal garden salad, topped with pieces of chicken.

I could have had the sloppy joe meat, but that would have been the only thing I could have eaten.

I didn't even dare do that because she used Manwich and I'm sure there are ingredients in the can that I can't eat.

The water seemed too cold at first, but we got used to it. Later we found a spot that was warmer.

The thing I enjoyed the most was the lazy river. It takes you around without any effort. I kept going back there because it was really good exercise. I was swimming except I had a little help.

We had a ton of kids there who loved the big slide. Leah cried because she wanted to go on the slide, but was way too young. She will be three in four days.

Anna wanted to go on the slide but didn't measure up to the height they require. She's a year younger than JJ, Leah's brother who was tall enough to go on it. Emily who is a year younger than Anna has passed her in height.

Lisa's three sisters and their children were there. No husbands. Kerry and Heather and their two children were there and Kerry said there wasn't enough testosterone there. Mike was the only other male.

Lisa's mom and us were the grandparents there, and along with us was three of Lisa's friends. Only one has children. A boy and girl about the same ages as Lisa's children.
The party was a success!