Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Until a year ago, I had never heard of blogging, except for knowing that certain experts did it, or certain celebrities had blogs. I didn't know how to get into their blogs to read them, nor did I know I could blog, and didn't have any idea how to do it.

My niece Robyn helped me set up my blog, and now after blogging half a year, my step-daughter Sherri, and niece Heather, have set up blogs. My niece Kristin already had a blog, and now her sister Jenny has set one up. Robyn's sisters have also set up blogs.

Mike's sisters daughters all have blogs. It's fun to keep in touch with them. They have all grown up and moved to other states.

We are a blogging family!

It's fun to read their blogs and keep up with their lives, and a blog gives quite an insight into their lives we might not have known otherwise.

All these nieces are smarter than me when it comes to templates. They have created their blogs with beautiful templates. I'm proud of all of them.