Monday, August 13, 2007

The Story of Flamm

This picture of the Flamm Funeral Home was taken in Rexburg Idaho. We took the picture last month while visiting our son Mike, Susan and kids.

My uncle Dee Harper, was born in Rexburg Idaho. The home where he was born sits right downtown, and Dee made it sound very easy to find it. But we drove around and around and couldn't find it.

It is wedding place now, called "White Elegance."

In the meantime, while we were driving around trying to find the wedding place, I saw this Funeral Home and said, "take a picture because this Funeral Home has something to do with my uncle Dee."

Uncle Dee's name is Flamm D. Harper.

countries that As he grew he disliked being called Flamm, which is a surname. Since he's been an adult, he has discovered that all through the Scandinavian countries Flamn is a very normal first name.

He was named after a man who's last name is Flamm, and in fact, is an ancestor of the owner of the mortuary in the picture.

When he was of age, he took the name Dee. His Christian name was Flamm D. but the D didn't mean anything special. He's been Dee to the world ever since.

Flamm is the surname of a neighbor who lived in Rexburg at the time Dee was born.

Dee's grandmother died during childbirth to Dee's mother. Her mother's sister and husband who's last name was Flamm took her and raised her.

Now her father was also her uncle. She loved her parents very much, and later after she married and had her first child of ten, she named him Flamm D. Harper after the man who raised her.