Friday, August 10, 2007

Mirror Lake - Uinta Mountains - Utah

Today was spent in the beautiful Uinta Mountains in Utah.

The Uintas are Utah's tallest mountain range with almost a dozen peaks exceeding 13,000 feet.

David, Chris and their family and Mike and I met at Provo Falls 9 miles south/west of Mirror Lake.

We spent some time there walking the trails and watching people splashing and playing in the splendid Provo River falls.

The Provo river begins high in the mountains and flows west to Provo and serves as drinking water for the great Salt Lake Valley.

Afterward we drove to Mirror Lake. There are literally thousands of alpine lakes in this region. Mirror Lake is our favorite.

After an enjoyable lunch in the pristine setting of nature at it's best, we took a walk around the lake. It is about a mile and a half around the lake, and takes about a 45 minutes to get around. Everyone who visits to Mirror Lake walks around the lake. It's just something you do.

I've walked around it many times. This time was especially nice because my grandson Travis, and I were ahead of the others and it was a special experience for me to be able to have a 45 minute - one-on-one conversation with Travis.

I told him that about 13 years ago, I was in a wheelchair - results of post polio - and was not only not able to walk like we were doing, but was in a wheelchair.

I told him that I didn't stop or give in, but pushed myself moderately, and little by little regained my strength.

He made a cute comment, by saying, "Now you leave everyone in your dust."

We talked about school and how he likes to run. He ran around the lake earlier that day, running around the mountain trails and places where there were no trails.

He told me about the Inca's, and how he admired them and gave the reasons why. I was quite impressed! He's done his homework and knows a lot about them.

We talked about how he admires Leonardo De Vinci and he knew a lot about him, and knew many things that Leonardo had invented or was the progenitor of the creation. Like the bike, airplane, horseless carriage, namely the car.

I brought up Michael Angelo and talked about how I admired him also.

Then the conversation took a turn and I had the pleasure of having the most grow-up conversation I have every had with a person his age. He's about 12.

He asked me if there was anyone in the world I admired and wanted to be like. I told him that I admired Colleen Reid. He asked who she was and wanted to know the reasons why I admired her. He was very inquisitive about all the topics we discussed.

I told him about Colleen and said that I admired her because she has always made good choices through-out her life. She had dedicated herself to the care of others, and has spent her entire life serving the Lord. I told him many things about her and that I am happy and feel very privileged to be her friend.

He then asked who I thought he admired. I had no idea but was very pleased with what followed.

He said, "the person I admire the most in this world, is my dad, and my Grandpa Monson. I want to grow up to be just like them."

I've added a picture of Colleen Reid and her Husband Paul. They are our very good friends!