Friday, August 03, 2007

Our Cars

This is our new car I've been talking about. It's a Chrysler 2000. We are loving it!

This beautiful backdrop is just a few blocks from our condo, in Ogden, Utah. This is the botanical garden that is part of the beautiful river walk, that goes from the mouth of Ogden Canyon, west to Washington Blvd., about a three mile walk or bike ride.

We've had eight cars during the sixteen years we've been married.

These three are the lasts one we owned. We just bought the gold (cinnamon) Chrysler a few months ago. We love it!

This fall when we drive back to Arizona we will drive both the Prizm and the Chryster there.

We will leave the Prizm in Arizona. It gets better gas mileage, and we live about 15 miles away from most of the places we visit.

We sold the white Mercury last September before we moved to Arizona.

Mercury Sable 1995

Red Chevy Prizm 1999 and Chrysler 2000.