Friday, August 03, 2007

I Got A Lot Done Today!

I can't believe it, I really got a lot done today! I started the day doing laundry. I only had two batches. It's just me and Mike remember!

I changed the sheets on two beds. (Sheets was one of the batches.)

I washed dished and started the dishwasher. You're probably laughing, but I only have to run the dishwasher every two or three days. It's just me and Mike remember!

Actually, I wash a lot of dishes by hand. And we are not bakers, and don't really make very big messes when we cook.

Then I cleaned the oven. It was really a mess!

Our renter Ryan trashed our home, and it has taken months to get it back to the shape it should be in. Everything is clean except I hadn't touched the oven.

Neither Mike nor I bake very often so it wasn't a problem leaving it this long, but I couldn't stand it any longer, and today was the day to get it done.

I worked really hard on the oven. I turned the lever to the right, turned the knob to auto-clean, and walked away. Hey! I could have done that two months ago.

I did have to wipe it out later on. That took me two minutes. I wonder why I didn't do this sooner. Well, I don't bake, remember!

I cleaned out two cupboards that were getting messy and changed places with stuff so that they were in the other cupboard. I think this new arrangement will really help kept things from getting messy again. I hate Mess!

I did other things in the house as well, and worked very hard on my two blogs. I have been busy for four days now adding lots of pictures to the blogs.

I didn't make any money today, but I sure got a lot accomplished! Going to bed happy now, it's almost 11:00 PM.