Friday, August 24, 2007

Pam and Joan's trip to Arizona

This is a collage of Pam and Joan's trip last March to visit us in Arizona.

Pam is a top left, the night we went to see the Arizona Opry in Apache Junction, where we live.

Next is me looking at a cute magnet I wanted for my refrigerator. Joan spotted me looking at it and bought it. We were at Tortilla Flat above Canyon Lake and the Gold Mine. You can see there is a also a picture telling about The Lost Dutchman Inn. Next to that is our home with one of the two fake windows we put on the house. There were no windows (and technically still aren't) on the side of the home that faces the road. We added two fake windows to make it look nicer. We have had a ton of nice comments on the job we did.

Second group of pictures is Mike and Me dancing to In The Mood by Glenn Miller. We are listening to the CD by George Starkel who is one of the stars at the Arizona Opry. Next is Joan at Tortilla Flats. Next, is a picture of Mike playing his trombone. He's playing along with George Starkle.

Bottom row is Joan, Peggy and Mike, then Joan and Pam in pink. Pam again is at the Arizona Opry, showing us her beer. It's rootbeer!