Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Leah's Birthday Party

Kim and Sharlyn were at our condo visiting before they left to go visit Sharlyn's sister Elizabeth.

They brought J J with them. He slept over at Aunt Kim's so he could play with Malachi, Sharlyn's son. They had a fun evening and Kim over heard J J say, "It's too bad that I can only sleep over one night."

He wouldn't have been able to sleep over again anyway, since it is his sister Leah's birthday party today at 5:00. Her party is being held at the North Ogden water park, and we are going to eat there also.

Lisa is making sloppy Joes, chips and the birthday cake.

I need to go shopping for birthday gifts. Yesterday I shopped for myself, and spent $185 on clothes. I think I'd better go spend some money on somebody else.