Friday, August 03, 2007

My Aching Jaw

I've written for several months now how my jaw aches. I don't know if I'm clenching my teeth at night or what's going on. I know that during the day I will realize that I'm tensing up, and have to tell myself to relax.

I was in such pain last night that I broke down and put the teeth guards in my mouth that I use to whiten my teeth. I took some pain medicine, a sleeping pill, and finally had a good night's sleep. Except for getting up to use the bathroom about a dozen times because I've had the flu and I drank a lot of water yesterday. That's okay, I needed the water.

My teeth and jaw feel a little better this morning, although still a little sore. I'm taking a few different herbs that is supposed to help relax the body. I don't know why I'm so tense all the time. I'm not nervous or stressed about anything in my life that I know about.

PS. An after note: It was wheat!