Friday, August 10, 2007

Lacy the Parrott

This is my cousin Dee Anna and her parrot, Lacy, who tickles us with her words!

She says things like." Da Plane, Da Plane. In the same voice as the actor from Fantasy Island. Every time she hears or see a plane go by.

She calls Dee Anna, Nana, because that's what her grandchildren call her. (Actually, my sister Jeri and I gave her that name when she was a child.) And it stuck.

Lacy says, "step up Nana, step up." In other words, she wants Dee Anna to come and get her.

She drops her toy on the floor from the top of her birdcage and says, "what happened toy?"

She says in a grouchy voice, "Lacy's not a bird! Lacy's a girl!

She thinks she can fly and could if her wings weren't clipped, and one day landed on the floor. Dee Anna went in to get her and heard her saying, "it's okay, Lacy, you'll be alright."

She doesn't like men (I must have too much testosterone because she doesn't like me either.)

She is Hughie's bird but won't let him touch her. She loves Dee Anna as you can see.

Hughie will try and stroke her head and she'll say, " be nice Lacy," and then peck him. I'm sure you figured out that he says these words to her, just as his hand goes to her.

The funniest thing she said was . . . well actually, I have to set it up first.

Dee Anna was telling me all the things she says, and I said, "she certainly uses the correct words.

She said, "Oh yes, she talks very appropriately. One day Lacy fell off the couch and said,
"Oh shut." Except she used the other S word.

I started laughing and said, "that was appropriate alright. Those were the exact words that popped into my head."